About Us

True To Life is an original jazz group from New York City. Frazer Adams, Kevin McLeod, Michael Porter and Guenther Rieder mix old-school Jazz, R&B, Funk and modern rhythms to create music that is melodic and energizing.  They engage in the kind of group improvisation that only comes from years of playing together. Twenty years ago True To Life was named one of the best unsigned bands by Musician Magazine at a time when they were regularly playing NYC clubs and opening for artists like Onaje Allen Gumbs and Marion Meadows. Years went by with the musicians playing in different bands, working on different projects, but today the classic quartet is back with new music and renewed energy. The band is currently gigging in New York City and preparing music for a new recording.
Kevin McLeod - Guitar
Guenther Rieder - Sax
Mike Porter - Bass

Frazer Adams - Drums